A Mile In Memory Of Matilda Mae

In Memory Of Matilda Mae On Her Birthday

In Memory Of Matilda Mae On Her Birthday


Today, May 2nd 2013, Matilda Mae should have woken up to her very first birthday celebration.  She should be enjoying loads of special attention from her family.  She should be opening presents and eating birthday cake and doing something magical to celebrate the first year of her life.  Instead, today, her family are left mourning the death of this beautiful little girl.  They are left with aching hearts and empty arms.  There will be no lovely photographs of Matilda today dressed in birthday finery in awe and wonder at the happenings around her.  Instead there will be and mother and father and a brother and sister trying to honour her life in a fitting way and realising yet again that their precious daughter, their little sister will not be returning to them because she was taken so cruelly from them by Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  How does a parent live with that?  I honestly don’t know.  I break down every time I think of the hard road they are journeying down, every time I think of how unfair it is to have lost a sweet baby so soon.

Next Saturday, May 11th 2013, Mr P, Miss E and I shall be walking with a lot of other people in A Mile In Memory Of Matilda Mae.  I have set up a Just Giving page where you can go and donate a small sum to sponsor us and help raise money for The Lullaby Trust.  Please support us and Matilda’s family.  it would mean so much to them if we could raise a good sum of money between us all for the charity in Matilda Mae’s memory.



matilda mae





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