A Quick Look At My New Routine


I had mentioned previously that Mr P had helped me come up with a new routine to add some focus and structure to my days.  I wanted my week to have some sort of rhythm to it (I discovered later that this is very Waldorf Steiner!).  So i wanted to have a day for baking, a day for craft etc.  So this is the sort of plan my dear husband drew up for me:


Monthly Activities:  The 2nd Tuesday of every month we go to a get together at a Farm Park and twice a month on a Thursday there is a science club and every third week we have a library trip to change our books.


7:30: Tidy up (here on my sheet I can write down my goals for that day in tidying up


9am: Miss E has a nap, and I either have some computer time, crochet or do more tidying

11am: walk dogs

11:30am: activity for the day: baking, art, craft etc

12:30pm: snacktime

1pm: outdoor play if weather permits, and sometimes we’re already outside playing anyway

2pm: lunch prep

2:30/3pm: lunch-this is our main meal as Miss E goes to ebd so early she generally only has breakfast, snack and lunch in a day

3/3:30pm: free play

3:30/4pm: bathtime with stories

4:30/5pm: bedtime for Miss E


The times are by no means fixed, but it gives me some sort of structure and routine to follow in a day.  We fit more in and I am much more focused.  And it’s great to know that by 7:30 I’ll be fully ready to start the day. No more answering the door in PJs to the mail man!  And yes, Miss E really does go to sleep that early of her own accord!  Wednesdays are slightly different as it’s our local home ed meet up, so we sometimes go along to that depending on what the activity is.  Do you have some sort of routine or structure for your days?  Do you work better without a set routine?


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