Off To A Great Start


This week started really well.  Monday was bank holiday and I got 8 loads of laundry washed, dried and sorted.  That makes me one happy person!  I hate having laundry hanging round the house drying, so fantastic days like Monday are great.  Plus, nothing beats the smell of laundry that has been hung out to dry in the fresh air…bliss!  We also went car hunting as one of our cars has died.




In the afternoon we had some fun in the sun at home.  More on that another day, but here’s a little photo.





Yesterday (as it’s now after 3am on Wednesday) was a good day too.  We were up, breakfasted and washed and dressed by 7:30am.  In an hour and 15 minutes, I had vacuumed, mopped and cleaned the bathroom (the joys of my routine to keep me focused as, before, this could have taken all day).  Miss E went down for a nap again at 9am.  I finished up our Abel & Cole order for the week and did a bit of crocheting in the sunshine.  Miss E woke up at near 11am and we got ready to take the dogs for a walk.  They enjoyed that immensely and were so well behaved.  Usually, we have issues of them pulling quite  a bit in excitement.  Once home, Miss E had a snack and I prepared the sauce for the homemade pasta we were going to have later in the day.  Mr P had made the dough the night before, so I just had to run it through the machine.  I then set up an invitation to play outside.  We were supposed to do arty things and I was just going to set up some paper and crayons etc inside, but as the weather was so nice, we went outside to do “art”.  After she was done with that we read some stories outside too.


invitation to whisk up some soapy bubbles and do some mark making with water

invitation to whisk up some soapy bubbles and do some mark making with water




concentrating so hard on her mark making, bless her

concentrating so hard on her mark making, bless her


After our lovely time in the sunshine, we came in and I made our pasta while Miss E took gerbil food out of its bag to place on the shelf above, which of course ended up all over my nicely vacuumed and mopped kitchen floor.  Thank goodness for two dogs who clear up pretty much all food stuff!  Miss E then had free play inside til it was her bathtime and bedtime.  So it all went pretty well, until about 3pm when I started to get the worst headache.  Since Friday I have had a sore chest which developed into the starts of a cough by Sunday and yesterday morning I woke up with a pretty bad chest and a cold as well.  That has now developed into the flu.  Poor Mr P had to go up into the loft to get the desk fan down as I was sweating away in bed.  I have since got up as I can hardly breathe lying down.  So I am sat aching and sweating and feeling generally miserable on the couch while blogging at 3:30am….that’s a first!  Miss E is also having some very unsettled sleep I can hear, so it looks like Wednesday is set to be a very low key day!



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