A Lovely Day


Today, we were supposed to attend one of our home ed meet ups, but as I was feeling really low on energy and, as it is a 2 hour round trip, I decided it wouldn’t be wise to go.  I was worried about feeling sleepy while driving which would not have been safe for Miss E.  Mr P had made up a salad for us and I had made Miss E some sandwiches as well, so the question was what do I do with our picnic?  I still wanted us to have a nice day.  It seemed the weather was against us as it was so dull and looked like it would rain any second.  After Miss E had her nap, we walked the dogs which is our pretty much daily routine after naptime and as the weather stayed dry and was reasonably warm, I packed up the picnic when we got home and we headed off the the local park.

We had a lovely time.  We started off in the playpark area where there Miss E enjoyed time on the swings, the roundabout(not entirely sure if that’s the correct name for them!) and on the climbing frame and slide.









After having a lovely time playing in this area we took a walk over to some open green space, where I put out one of my wraps…whoever said woven wraps didn’t have any other purpose but to carry children with?!  🙂  We used this as our picnic blanket.  We ate our picnic.  I had packed some books so we read stories afterwards.  Miss E had a lovely time crawling around exploring the grass, the dandelions and watching birds.  We watched the clouds float by in the sky and relaxed.  When the weather turned a bit colder, we packed up and headed back to the swings for a while before heading home.  Miss E made a new friend as well.










All in all, it was a lovely time.  There was just one thing to spoil our trip…this park and green space back on to a local primary school.  While we ate our picnic the kiddies were out for their lunchtime play.  There were adults out supervising them.  The adults were not seen interacting with the kids nor even talking to them, except to yell.  We heard a LOT of yelling.  GET OFF THOSE STEPS!  PACK THE EQUIPMENT AWAY.  THE BELL HAS GONE WHY IS NO ONE STANDING IN  A LINE?!  GET YOUR COATS OFF THE FENCE.  YOU THREE GET OFF THOSE STEPS!!!!!!  On and on and on it went.  I very nearly starting crying and I am a grown woman.  The irritation in the voices, the rudeness, the disrespect for the children was unreal.  What saddened me more is that, for these children, this is their normal.  They spend the majority of their waking hours for the majority of their lives in this environment.  They grow up in this environment where they learn to expect to be disrespected, put down, shouted at.  Do they ever tell their parents?  Do their parents know?  Would their parents believe them?  Do their parents care?  Is there home life better or worse?  These are questions that flew around my head as I sat there with my own precious gift beside me.  I took a look at her and I determined in my heart that I will do everything I can, by the grace of God, to never place her into a situation like that.  Children deserve so much better.


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