Books, Books, Books!!



Lately Miss E is extremely into books.  As soon as she sees a book she goes crazy.  We have spent at least an hour every morning the last few weeks just reading and re-reading books.  We always had reading sessions in the day, but she’s now super interested.  Once a favourite book is finished she throws a fit because she wants it read again.  It’s so hard when you have limited words at your disposal to ask for something.  We are working on being polite and signing please instead of throwing a fit.  We also a few ABC books such as My Little House ABC, and these have been going down a treat.  Anytime I have read them I have always given Miss E the letter name and sound.  Recently she has been fascinated with repeating the letter sounds.  Some days we don’t even get the read the book as Miss E just goes through pointing at the letters waiting for the name and sound so she can repeat it.  I am thrilled she loves books so much because, as a child, I loved, loved, loved to read.  I lost my love a little during GCSEs and A levels as I was made to read textbooks that killed the joy and passion.  Now that I see Miss E reading it’s reignited the passion for me.  There are so many books I realise I’ve not read that I would like to read, books I want to reread.  So many books and not enough time!  I also downloaded Honey For A Child’s Heart via Kindle and am really enjoying the insight and wisdom of Gladys Hunt.  It has brought home the vital importance of reading out loud on a daily basis, the use of books to guide a child’s inner being as they get to grips with the concepts of justice, compassion etc.  One thing that really stood out to me was the importance of reading to a child not just when they are a toddler but also when they are a teenager.  Once I could learn to read well, I don’t remember my parents reading with me for pure enjoyment.  That is something I would have loved, so it’s something I am going to do for my family.  Do you enjoying reading as a family?  What books are favourites?


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