We survived!


Last I did a proper post, I mentioned about a trip we were going on and how concerned I was about how Miss E would cope.  I did a lot of praying and God answered.  She coped wonderfully well the whole trip.  We did have some issues with her sleeping in the evenings, but I would rather have coped with that than a tantruming toddler who’s so over meeting her extended family.

We took the overnight ferry on the way there.  Miss E enjoyed exploring the place and looking out at Liverpool all lit up while we were waiting to set sail.

staring out on Liverpool all lit up at night

staring out on Liverpool all lit up at night


We docked at 6:30am, collected the keys for where we were staying and then drove to our destination.  we unpacked and got all settled in.  Miss E then went for a long nap.  We woke her up about 2:30pm to go get some ice cream.  Mr P has a favourite ice cream parlour he always has to visit when we go, and Miss E needed her first taste as well.  We went onto the little children’s play beach as well so she could go on the swings.

On the Sunday and Monday we visited family.  Miss E enjoyed that very much.  She lapped up the fuss and discovered a new game of walkING as she calls it.  She wants to walk everywhere but can’t do it on her own just yet 🙂  She also played for ages with one of my favourite childhood toys.  A big yellow teapot.


the 26 year old teapot that's still got years of life left in it yet for little ones

the 26 year old teapot that’s still got years of life left in it yet for little ones


When we weren’t visiting family, we took Miss E to a few different beaches around.  Oh, how I miss living so near the sea!  We had a daytrip to the zoo as well.  While we were eating lunch at the zoo a peacock was hovering around eating all the scraps he could get.  He eventually stopped underneath our picnic bench where he helped himself to all the treats Miss E was dropping.  He got rather too close for (my) comfort and I was worried that he might peck Miss E’s hand, so I asked Mr P to throw another treat down for him, which he gobbled up.  Miss E then wanted one, and we assumed she wanted to copy daddy in throwing it down for the peacock, but, no, she wanted to hold it for the peacock to take from her hand, and before we could register what was happening he’d come and pecked it out of her hand with great force.  i think we were more shocked than Miss E although she did have a little whimper like she was about to burst into tears, but then her attention was diverted back to her food.  We also took a day to go and visit a National Trust house and grounds.  I’m really starting to see there being a benefit in National Trust membership!  Something to think about for future I think as they are great days out with a good combination of history and grounds to run around in.







On the Saturday we had a wedding to go to which I was also dreading as I wasn’t sure how Miss E would be during the service.  She’s always fine in church, but I have this fear that when you’re in a more pressured situation that’s when it will all go wrong.  I came armed with snacks galore, books etc, but Miss E was an absolute angel throughout the whole thing.  She got a little bit tired and grumpy during dinner, but she is usually fast asleep by the time we were sitting down to eat.  Still, she overcame that and was as happy as anything allowing us to join in with the first dance of the ceilidh before we went home.

So, really I shouldn’t have stressed as God had it all under control, and the missing cat even came home as well……as soon as her owners were back and called her name, figures!  I was so busy worrying about the trip and praying for it, i forgot to pray for our return.  We’re getting all the tantrums on this end and I am also struggling to get back into any sort of workable routine.  Oh well, haha!  We had a lovely time, we were blessed with absolutely fabulous weather, Mis E enjoyed meeting all her relatives and they also enjoyed finally getting to meet her too.  Stress over!  For now at least 😉



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