A Bad Day In The Kitchen


Today is a day when I just shouldn’t have attempted anything in the kitchen.  I woke up feeling less than well and Miss E was also not quite herself.  She wanted lots of cuddles and was quite clingy.  That was fine by be…nothing can be better than 40 minute of cuddles in bed with peaceful silence (minus the sound of the rat who is still very much alive and terrorising us).  When we finally both wanted to go downstairs for snacks, I felt it was a good time to make some cupcakes. It’s my mum’s birthday on Friday and Miss E and I are going up tomorrow to take her out for lunch and I wanted to take some birthday cupcakes.

I whipped them up quickly, popped them in the oven and 20 minutes later they were looking delicious on the cooling rack awaiting decoration this evening.  I covered them with a clean tea towel as there were pesky flies around grrr.  I was on such a roll I decided we could bake some bread too.  I got some spelt flour yesterday as I have been dying to try a spelt loaf recipe.  All was going well, I got the yeasty mix set to the side to do its yeasty frothing, I measured out the flour, and, once the yeast mix was ready, Miss E helped mix it in.  We kneaded and left it to the side in a covered bowl to rise.

After dinner the dough had rise enough to be ready to shape.  The recipe said to braid it, so I did!  First time I’ve ever braided bread; normally it just gets put in a loaf pan.  Then I set it on a cookie sheet to rise again.  I had to cover the dough the second time again due to the pesky flies still being in my kitchen.  And I left it to do its thing.

And this is where things go awry.  While sorting Miss E out K Dog gets into the kitchen and helps herself to four of the cupcakes.  She was NOT a popular dog.  So after shoving her outside with a stern telling off, i go to check the dough…..due to covering it the poor loaf instead of rising up like it should just went out and splayed all over my baking tray and stuck to the cover, obviously.  I baked it anyway, but I knew it would never rise up like it was supposed to, so now I have a flat hard thing that could probably do some damage if lobbed at someone.  Do I dare re-enter the kitchen this evening to decorate the remaining cupcakes?!


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  1. Some days are just like that! I say you dare. If only to make frosting that looks like mud 🙂 hugs to you! And maybe throw the loaf at the dog and see what she makes of it? 🙂

    • Haha, well I managed to frost the cupcakes…..just needed a trip to the store for more icing sugar as I started measuring out ingredients, and the OH decided when he got in that the loaf,despite being very flat and hard,tasted yummy, so he ate it…weird man 😉

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