A Very Montessori Day


Miss E and I have joined in with a little group of home ed families who love the concept of Montessori and of incorporating that into our every day lives.  A group was started out of a general interest on a home ed forum.  There are 3 families involved and including Miss E 5 children in total now (all girls ha!).  The mother of one of the ladies set up 2 Montessori schools and when they eventually closed down she got a lot of the equipment which she passed on to her daughter.  Every Monday this lady kindly rearranges her whole house into a Montessori classroom setting.

From 10am til 1pm more like 2pm, we have focused Montessori time.  The day starts with some French songs and a French story, then the children go on to choose from the Montessori equipment and activities that are available for them.  There is a snack and water available for each child during the morning.  Around 12 the children go outside for a play while the lunch area is set up.  We all eat lunch together and tidy up together and then the children have free play.  The day closes with German songs and stories.

This Monday was the first time Miss E and I had managed to join the group.  I wondered how she would do as the other children range in age from about 6 to 22 months and she’s just shy of 17 months.  I need not have worried.  She was good at coming with me to get her mat to set down for an activity.  She loved the transferring activity of using a spoon to transfer rice from one bowl to another-this kept her entertained for an absolute age.  She had fun unstacking the iconic Montessori pink tower and building it up again.  She enjoyed painting on the easel.  And she was every so calm and wonderfully behaved.  When lunch was over she went off with the other girls and happily played together with them.

We had such a lovely time together with the other families, and it was good for Miss E to spend the time with older children as well.  She can learn so much by observing and interacting with them and vice versa for the older ones.  I have to say they were so caring and wonderfully gentle with her; it was beautiful to watch.  I also enjoyed the interaction with the other mums and finding people who were also on the same wavelength as me.  It’s an area I have really been struggling with recently.  We are very much looking forward to our weekly Montessori meet ups.

It has also inspired me to get some more multilingual books etc to read to Miss E.  My Modern Language BA seems a lifetime away now, and as much as my brain is super rusty in that area, I would hate to think my children would grow up without any initial foreign language exposure being given to them from me, and this is the best age for little ears to pick up those sounds, so I best get started.  Do any of you incorporate a foreign language into your day with your children?  If so, how do you do this in your home?


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