A Bad Day In The Animal Kingdom


As I write, I am waiting for Mr P to come home early.  He shouldn’t be coming home early, except that our poor dogs are trapped.  At night time they sleep in our garage as they hate being in the house to sleep.  They enjoy cozying up in their crate together in the garage and are happiest there.  During the day when I want Miss E to have some time in the garden, I cannot have the dogs out at the same time.  it just doesn’t work.  They are in the paddling pool, walking through her painting area, eating any sensory play materials, and often knocking her over.  We are in the process of sectioning off the garden so we can all be out at the same time, but have some boundaries!

Well, today like other days, I have popped the dogs to bed for a little while so Miss E can enjoy the garden dog free.  After we were done at it was time for lunch, I went like normal to let them out and give htem their treat……..the garage door wouldn’t open.  I pulled and pulled, but that thing wouldn’t budge.  It’s stuck at the top and the top hinge is somehow broken, so no amount of willing it to move helped.  I also don’t have the know how or strength to do anything more.  So that is why Mr P is on his way home.  They have now been stuck in the garage for 5 hours.  A mega great walk is due to them upon their release!

So that is the first bad happening in the Mummy’s Heart animal kingdom.  Miss E was super tired after a very long day yesterday and a very late bedtime so she wanted to go to bed early.  She has some fish in her room and before bedtime the fish get fed.  I dropped some food in and went off to get Miss E her toothbrush.  When I looked at the tank again there didn’t seem to be much excitement about the food I put in, so I had a closer look.  Only one fish was eating.  I looked and looked for the other and couldn’t see it.  This is nothing unusual as it likes to hide in certain spots, but I checked all the usual spots and there was no fish.  Then I spotted it, stuck down the side of the tank between and ornament and the tank wall.  It had taken to going down there lately and clearly this time it had gone too far and managed to get wedged there.  And so, along with the trapped dogs, we have a dead fish.  It hasn’t been dead for long as I saw them both alive this week, but this awful heat has meant that decomposition has already begun.

It’s a horrible day.  The first time the dogs have ever been trapped and the first time one of our pets has died.  It is already sad and Miss E isn’t really at an age of comprehending, but I dread the day when she is a bit older and any one of our remaining troop dies, especially the dogs as she adores them. :/

Hurry home, Mr P!


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