If We Want To Be Beautiful On The Outside, We Need to Be Beautiful On The Inside


We are a people obsessed with our looks.  we want to look good, beautiful, handsome.  Society expects it of us in many ways.  We can often find ourselves waking up in the morning staring at the face in the mirror and wishing it was more like this or that.  We despair over wrinkles and ageing skin.  I’ve been there.

We get told that drinking x amount of water and whole foods will help our bodies from the inside and thus give us a wonderful complexion, shinier hair, brighter eyes, or whatever else we are promised.  These things are all good, and these things all do go somewhat towards keeping the insides of our bodies in good working order which is then reflected in the skin on the outside.

On its own, however, this is not enough.  You can have the healthiest of diets and use all the right products and still be an ugly person, because what’s happening in the heart in our very inmost beings is what is reflected to those around us.  “The north wind brings forth rain, and a back-biting tongue an angry countenance.” Proverbs 25:23  How we are, how we act, behave and think affects our outwards appearance either negatively or positively.

Our inward beauty is the most important tool we can have in our make up kit.  When we have calm and gentle, peaceful spirits our outward countenance is also one of peace.  when we have an inner spirit which is in turmoil, or is angry and bitter  it is reflected in our outward countenance as well.

Instead of applying lotions and potions to the skins to make ourselves more beautiful, we ought to spend more time tending to our inner hearts so that the joy and peace will overflow to our outward appearance.


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