I am struggling to write, struggling to un-jumble my tangled web of thoughts.  Life has been so crazy hard the past few months.  I talked about our issue with rats and our desire to relocate for various reasons.   Our lives have taken various twists and turns since then with regards to finding homes that looked promising to move to and then it all falling through…repeatedly.  It starts to get to you after a while.  I am beginning to feel trapped in an endless cycle of problems, expense and despair.  Our rodent friends have also returned to bother us, with yet another one getting underneath our bath.  Argh!!  And we have had a few issues with our two dogs that may mean we need to find them a new home. 😦  At the minute it is hard to see where God is in all of this, but I have to keep trusting that He is, because if I lost that hope and that faith I would lose my mind entirely.

So all of that has just kept my mind from focusing and my fingers from typing.  I will try and do better though as we wait in this current place we find ourselves.  I have missed my blog so much.

Onto some positives:

Miss E is now speaking a bit of French and German.  She loves it.  She cannot get enough of books and stories in foreign languages, so I have had to ask my friend in Germany to send me some over.  Her interest was sparked at the Montessori group we are part of as the session starts with songs and stories in French and ends with songs and stories in German.  It is lovely to see her enjoy it so much.   She loves all things Montessori.  We should be at our session today, but sadly we are missing out as I am sick with the flu.

I have started a new business venture with Usborne Books at Home and have become an Independent Usborne Organiser.  They have some many fantastic books covering a wide age range and many topics, so I just had to become an Organiser.  I have lots of events on in the run up to Christmas which is very exciting.  I am looking forward to sharing the wonderful books with more people and hopefully making some friends along the way.  So, if you are living anywhere in the UK or Europe check out my website where you can shop online.  If you aren’t in the UK or Europe, you can still show some love by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter. 🙂  I hope life finds you all well.


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  1. I love that Miss E is learning so many languages! Makes me want to try a bit harder to incorporate some Spanish into Ranger’s day. We shall see. I hope your house hunt goes well and the rats can be evicted soon! Hugs to you! Have some hot tea with honey 🙂

    • I really should try harder considering that is my specialism, but I think i went the other way as I didn’t want to be pushing her into something because it was “my thing”. I didn’t really do much til we started with the Montessori group and I saw how much she loved it. Some fun songs or little books are nice easy ways for them to hear the sound of another language 🙂

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