Busy Days


Since my last post, I have done an Usborne book party which was great fun.  I love looking at all the books on display; it makes my heart happy.



Sad I know, but there is nothing that satisfies a book worm more than a table full of gorgeous books!


We have also spent a lot of time viewing houses, having people here to look at different options for selling our house.  The viewing side of things has been a discouraging process as on paper they look great and then you go and it just isn’t as you expected or hoped.  On the plus the selling side is encouraging, so, yey, things could be moving on in that area.  We need to get some storage sorted and start shifting the non essentials  out of the house and then at least when we do sell we won’t have loads of packing up to do which should speed things up.


And on Sunday we added a new member to our family:

The 'Raddit'

The ‘Raddit’


I have cared for this family’s pets a few times now and the last time I cared for the rabbit and cats, Miss E fell in love.  The owner felt that as her children were not giving him the attention he deserved he would be better off in a home where he was loved.  So, on Sunday we finally brought him home after ensuring he had a nice, large, secure run so the dogs wouldn’t get to him.  He has brought no end of joy and laughter every morning and evening as we spend lots of time with him giving cuddles.  We bought him this jingly ball for rabbits at the pet shop and Miss E laughs hysterically when she rolls it to him and he picks it up and flings it back.  This morning’s trip down was not so fun, however, as it was pouring with rain.  The rabbit stayed nice and warm in his hutch, and Miss E and I returned to the house soaked through.


This weekend I have a stall at a Christmas Fair.  That is slightly nerve wrecking.  I keep wondering if I have enough stock, or enough of the right stock?  What if no one buys?  What if too many people are lined up to buy and I can’t cope?  What if I miscalculate the change?  Ah so many what ifs!  I am very excited though.  I love the books…I just wish i could buy the whole catalogue for myself 😉


But that has been our week so far, and next week looks to be just as busy.


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