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Happy New Year, even though it is already 16 days old ūüôā ¬†Every new year brings its own set of changes, joys, and challenges. ¬†This year our big change is that our family is due to expand. ¬†We found out in November that we are expecting a summer rainbow baby! ¬†We are thrilled and delighted and Miss E seems very excited about the arrival of “our baby”. ¬†So far things with the baby seem well, but, as with Miss E¬†,I am finding this pregnancy a challenge and taxing on my health. ¬†Thankfully this time around I have the help of a homeopath on board which I didn’t have for Miss E, and through the Candida treatment, I have been able to, for the most part, say good bye to the awful Hyperemesis and leave being sick in the first trimester. ¬†Makes me wish I’d known I had Candida troubles a long time ago as my pregnancy with Miss E may have been very different. ¬†I am, however, still having problems with my heart this time which is rather concerning.

Part way through my pregnancy with Miss E I developed Supraventricular Tachycardia or SVT causing black outs and difficulty breathing and many trips to hospital. ¬†They were unsure then whether or not I had always had an irregular heartbeat and the stress of the pregnancy had just exasperated it or whether it was because of the repeated violent vomiting due to the hyperemesis. ¬†In any case, they were adamant it would return to normal once Miss E was born, and despite us asking for a referral to a cardiologist more than 6 weeks after she was born because it was still horrendous they said it’d be fine. ¬†It never ever went back to “normal” but it became bearable. ¬†Now, however, as this pregnancy progresses it is getting worse again with each week that goes by. ¬†I have been blessed this time with a midwife who is also a cardiology nurse and has dealt with mothers with SVT in pregnancy so that helps to allay my fears that this time when it gets really bad I have someone who has more understanding! ¬†last time when I went to the GP initially about it because I was so concerned, I was told it was a UTI and prescribed antibiotics?!!?!

Anyway, I am hoping that I am blessed with good health for the remaining months of this pregnancy so I can enjoy the last little while of it being just Miss E and me before we welcome this new little one into our lives.