Monthly Archives: February 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday!


Dearest Angel of Mine,

Now you are a wonderful two year old.  Where have those two years gone?!  It has been my amazing privilege to mother you through another year of your life and watch you blossom and grow.  You have brought so much delight to my life as I have watched you daily.  You have continued to love reading books, music (there must always be music) and doing some sort of arty work.

I have enjoyed watching you dance and twirl to music.  Thank you for inviting me to join you on so many occasions.  I hope you never stop allowing music to touch you so deeply.  I hope you will always feel free to just spin with joy when a piece moves your heart.

I have enjoyed our many walks together and how much you love nature and the great outdoors.  Your favourite thing to do is splash in puddles.  You absolutely love puddles, and I am glad I get to splash beside you.

I am so sorry that, for a few months, you really didn’t have much of a mummy as I was so ill I couldn’t deal with you.  I wish those months had been different.  I missed you so much and I missed being the kind of mummy you need.  In that time, however, I saw a side of you that brought tears to my eyes.  Tears of joy as well as sadness.  Sadness, for no child should have to watch their mummy suffer, and no child should have to cuddle their mummy and soothe her and stroke her back while she is being violently sick.  But joy because the care and compassion you showed during those months as you stayed by me and brought me buckets to be sick in and took buckets to your daddy for him to clean is beyond what many adults would be able to muster in such a situation.

You truly are an amazing gift from above, a ray of sunshine that dances across my heart and warms the darkest of days.  May you continue to go forth and shine brightly in this world, in this another year of your life and for every year you have left to live.  I love you sweetheart.

Mummy xxx