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Messy Play With Shaving Foam and Cotton Wool


I bought a can of shaving foam for 26p at Sainsbury’s a while back intending to do messy play.  I had seen a post on The Imagination Tree’s blog (check it out-it’s full of lovely ideas!), and that was the inspiration for buying the shaving foam.  It’s sat in the cupboard since then, and then yesterday I decided it was time we did messy play again.  There was no forecasted rain and it was quite warm outside.  I got the tuff spot out, and while Miss E ate her snack sat with Mr P, I shredded up all the cotton wool.  When we was done we took it and the can of shaving foam outside.  I dumped the cotton wool onto the tuff spot then squirted a can of shaving foam onto it and we mixed it in.  It was the most lovely, squishy, soft, fluffy play ever.  Miss E loved spreading it all over herself, especially in her air.  She had fun trying to stand up then falling over as the shaving foam made the tuff spot all slippy *close parental supervision is required*.  She was laughing and repeatedly saying, “Slippy, slidey!”  We spent a good hour playing with this, and, of course, she had fun putting it in my hair and on my clothes.  Afterwards she asked for some water in her paddling pool and she enjoyed putting all the fluffy soap into the water and watching it float and also pouring water on herself.  It was very good, and very messy fun!




What messy play have you been up to at your house? Check out the link button below to see what other people have been up to.


Small World Play



Miss E loves her Schleich animals, unfortunately her lovely pig had an incident with one of our dogs and lost a trotter and her ears, so we used the donkey instead.  I had read somewhere about using tea from tea bags for sensory play.  Once the hot water hits the tea bag it sterlises the tea, of course if you add milk before removing the teabag then it doesn’t work.  So we kept a tub by the kettle (I drink a lot of tea) collected the tea bags and emptied their contents out to dry.  I’ve had them in a pot and decided to set up a little small world farm scene for Miss E. I put some of the tea in there for the field, two of her tree blocks (she’d already removed one at this stage) a pine cone and of course the donkey seeing as our pig is out of action!  She loved running the tea through her hands and taking the loose parts out of the tub and back in again.  It was lovely to watch.  Do your children enjoy small world play?

Potting Sunflowers


For her birthday, one of Miss E’s little friends got her a Suttons grow your own sunflowers set (Not entirely sure that was the correct name!).  We planted the sunflower seeds in the pot and followed the instructions.  Eleven grew, and, as happens with sunflowers, very quickly needed new homes.  My husband and I aren’t very good at following through with tasks like repotting plants and often things die. And, for a while, it looked like these sunflwoers might be facing the same fate.  I was determined they wouldn’t and finally we remembered to get compost and pots.



I could have done the task while Miss E was having a nap, and it would have been quicker and cleaner, but they are her sunflowers, and I wanted her to have the experience and start learning about plants and caring for them.

checking out the flower pots

checking out the flower pots


Miss E took this taskvery seriously indeed.  She is currently developing her skills of transferring objects from one container to another, and so this gave her the opportunity to transfer to her heart’s content.  She was very serious and engrossed throughout apart from when we were patting the compost down around the sunflowers after placing them in their homes.  Then sh ewould break out into giggles and pat down the soil with a “bat, bat, bat!”




DSC04051Miss E did need a change of clothes at the end of us as the compost clung to her and my kitchen floor needed sweeping, but the sunflowers got repotted, and we had a lovely time together.




Tree Blocks


A few weeks back I reblogged a post about making your own tree blocks for open ended imaginative play and said we might have a got at making some.  And we did!  A few weekends ago we collected some fallen tree branches while out on a walk and left them to dry out in our porch.  This weekend, my husband kindly sawed some of them into tree blocks(we still have a few more of wider diameters to create with).  Here they are waiting to have all their sharp sawn edges sanded off.


I’m looking forward to these being played with for many years to come.  Have you made any DIY kids toys recently?  Please share your ideas if you have.  If you decide to have a go at making these take your child’s personality into account….if they still like to investigate everything by mouth then small tree blocks would be unadviseable.

Getting The Toys Organised


I hate piles of toys.  I hate piles of mindless toys.  I dislike toys that don’t serve some form of educational purpose.  Toys, in my mind, should serve some purpose of enhancing the mind of a child and not merely entertain a child.  With Christmas and birthdays come lots of gifts and those gifts need a home.  I like my daughters toys to be set out so she can see what she has and in such a way that each toy has a home that it comes out of to be played with and returns to when not in use.  I found a lovely bargain shabby sheek upcycled bookcase on gumtree which my lovely husband bought for me and I’ve been happily giving a home to some of my daughter’s toys.  I love it and things look a lot neater on the toy front now hurrah!  Thank you dear husband!!


Can you tell we really like our wooden toys in this house? 🙂


He also got me these lovely daffodils which add a ray of spring sunshine to the lounge

He also got me these lovely daffodils which add a ray of spring sunshine to the lounge

The Creation Station Is Coming Together




Last night I made the playdough for the party and my husband helped me colour it all.  I used this recipe from The Imagination Tree.  I have used it before and I love it because it’s so easy, and there’s no cooking involved…brilliant!  I made a double batch and we then divided it into 6.  Unlike in the original recipe, I did not add the colouring when I added the water.  I did everything but the colouring and kneaded the dough before dividing it and then we coloured each ball individually.  All but the purple batch was coloured using Morrisons natural food dye, the other was Dr Oetkers gel dye and we actually needed more of that (by more I mean the whole tube) to get anywhere near a colour we wanted.  The little plastic tubs came from Asda.  They are only smartprice ones but are great.  We already had 3 as I used them to put paint in for the potatoe prints and yesterday we got 3 more.  We got some colouring pencils and crayons; the pipe cleaners, pom poms etc came from a crafty joke present my husband got me a few years back for Christmas…..glad I held onto them 🙂  So now we just need some more playdough tools and some paper and we’re all set for the bigger kiddes on Saturday 🙂

Tiny Talk


Yesterday, I mentioned that Miss E and I attend Tiny Talk during the week.  So what is it?  Well, as the image above says it’s baby signing.  It was important for me to take Miss e to something like this because I believe children can understand from a very early age yet they haven’t mastered the skills in order to communicate back verbally.  But, before their verbal skills develop their gross motor skills do, so from about 6-9 months of age babies are able to communicate with signs.

I wanted to parent my daughter with the least amount of stress possible and I remember how frustrating those first few months were when I was so ill and she seemed to cry all the time and couldn’t tell me what exactly was wrong with her.  Now, she is able to communicate with her signs.  She tells me when she wants milk, wants food, a drink, needs to go to sleep etc and she knows to use her manners and sign please.  She gets very excited and signs when she sees birds, ducks, dogs etc.  She can “talk” to me about the weather outside as well.  It has really opened up a whole new world for us together and deepened our relationship and my understanding of her. It’s an absolutely fantastic way of conversing with your child until they start speaking.

The Tiny Talk classes use British Sign Language designed for babies.  They are fun, energetic classes.  As well as learning the signs, I’ve also learned new nursery rhymes and songs and had my memory refreshed on ones I was a bit rusty on.  There are stories every 3rd week in a recap session.  The sessions contain puppets and other realia for signs.  There’s a half hour signing session and then a play session afterwards with drinks and time for the parents to chat.  I really look forward to our Monday mornings at Tiny Talk, and would encourage any parent with a baby or toddler to look into finding baby signing classes near you.  it’s never too early to start (I have seen two week old babies attend!) and it’s never to late to start!