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Our Rainbow Came To Join Us


So, our rainbow baby has arrived, and she’s now almost 3 months old, but better late than never to record the birth story ūüôā ¬†From the beginning my envisaged birth was a water birth at home with just my husband and eldest daughter present. ¬†I awoke at 4am on the morning of her birth with a knowing feeling that it would be the day. ¬†Once again, it was a weekend, so Mr P was at home. ¬† We went about our day. ¬†Miss E was rather tired, so she went for a nap and we stayed home from church. ¬†I lay in bed most of the morning. ¬†Around 10:30 am I got the odd surge but they averaged about 2-3 an hour from then. ¬†At 11:30 am, I came downstairs to tell Mr P it was time to fill the pool as we would be having the baby that day. ¬†He was rather dubious due to the fact I was extremely calm and didn’t seem to be in labour, but he did as instructed. ¬†By lunchtime I decided it was the right time to call my reflexologist for a treatment. ¬†She arrived around 1:45pm and gave me a treatment. ¬†Things were still very chilled out at this point. ¬†She left again about 3pm saying to go lie down and rest and she felt by 10pm the baby would be here. ¬†After she left, I told Mr P that I didn’t think it was going to take that long and I thought by 7pm baby would be here and Miss E would still be up. ¬†I went to lie down as I felt quite tired. ¬†Through this time Mr P and Miss E had gone to the shops for something we were out of, sorted our dinner which was cooking and smelling delicious and picked blackberries from the garden. ¬†By 4pm, I couldn’t lie down anymore as my body was telling me to stay upright, so I paced around the upstairs listening to some music, swaying back and forth while Miss E and Mr P played in the garden. ¬†Mr P came in around 4:40pm to get the rest of dinner ready. ¬†I told him I was ¬†heading to the shower for some heat therapy as my back was a little painful then. ¬†By now the surges had been coming quickly for an hour, so I knew we had hit active labour stage, but everything was still very calm. ¬†I came downstairs at 5pm in time for dinner, and Miss E had hurt herself, so I gave her a cuddle. ¬†When I set her down again and stood up, I had one very sharp intense pain, and I said to Mr P that it was time for me to get in the pool and to bring me dinner after he and Miss E were finished. ¬†So while they ate, I breathed in my essential oils and listened to my music. ¬†He brought me my dinner and I was so looking forward to eating that lamb curry, but as soon as I had the plate in my hand the intensity of the contractions increased and they came one on top of another, so i never got to eat more than 3 bites, as every time I tried to eat a mouthful, I’d have to hand everything back to Mr P so I could sway in the water. ¬†I gave up in the end and asked him to start the cd again, get more oils in my burner, and also to remain by the pool. ¬†Miss E was also there. ¬†About 6pm, I had 5 intense surges that made me cry a little and think I couldn’t do anymore without relying on some gas and air and only one person could get me that; and my dreams of my unassisted birth seemed to be slipping away, so, feeling rather defeated, I asked Mr P to call for the midwife. ¬†I now know those 5 surges and little cry was my transition phase. ¬†While Mr P was on the phone I knew the baby was coming and would be born as I had always envisaged. ¬†At 6:16pm, surrounded by the love of her closest family and born into an environment of peace, calm, safety, and familiarity, Miss K entered the world easily weighing a healthy 10 lb 1, and I delivered her and lifted her from the water myself. ¬†Nothing can describe the feeling of birthing your child alone and being the first to lay hands on them. ¬†It was the most natural experience and just as nature intended. ¬†I also gave my firstborn the gift I so wanted to bestow upon her; the gift of seeing firsthand that birth is a natural and normal occurrence, not a medical procedure, and when you focus on the right things, surges are not painful, your body relaxes and births can be an enjoyable and empowering experience. ¬†I have thoroughly enjoyed both my births, and I am so thankful to God to have been in much better health this time round and to have learned so much from both births. ¬†Hopefully, I can put what I have learned to good use in future. ¬†I praise God for the safe arrival of Miss K to our family, and for the wonderful gifts she will bring to our family as she grows and reveals more of who she is.




My Spa Hotel Break


Recently, we have had a lot of stress and it has been taking its toll on my health. ¬†I am struggling to sleep due to the stress, hearing rats running about overhead in the middle of the night(yes, folks, they are still here, but the problem does not lie with us we have found out) and also a bad infection in a wisdom tooth. ¬†Miss E has also been struggling to sleep as some more of her teeth are coming through. ¬†This has meant that time in the evenings for unwinding was taken over with entertaining her. ¬†So I was struggling to cope with that as well…being an introvert I need space to recharge. ¬†Mr P had mentioned booking me into a hotel for a night so that I could get an undisturbed night of rest.

Finally this week, I decided this would be a very good idea indeed! ¬†I then took very ill Thursday/Friday after a homeopathic treatment sending my body into a healing crisis, so we didn’t book anywhere in the end. ¬†The plan was to see how I was on Saturday and book in somewhere in the afternoon. ¬†I had a lovely full body massage around midday, yesterday. ¬†I used to go and see this lady quite often a few years ago, and then stopped, but due to the amount of tension in my body, we felt it was time to see her again. ¬†After that we all went and had lunch at Pizza Hut. ¬†BY the time we got home, I was so tired and relaxed from my massage I couldn’t even have thought of packing and bag and getting to a hotel. ¬†Mr P suggested it wait until another time, but he would sort the room out so I could spend a nice evening relaxing in our bedroom instead.

This is what I ended up with instead:

Keycard for my "hotel" room....he's so creative :)

Keycard for my “hotel” room….he’s so creative ūüôā


lots and lots of candles

lots and lots of candles


There was also a room service menu, and of course I had to make use of that ūüôā ¬†I had a lovely evening continuing to unwind, crocheting, reading etc. ¬†I fell into a deep slumber and for the first time in many, many, many months I didn’t even hear Miss E wake up. ¬†In fact, I am so relaxed I’ve been having to fight falling asleep again all day since getting up. ūüôā ¬†Many thanks to Mr P. ¬†I think I may have to book in for a spa break at this hotel again in future. ūüôā



A Very Montessori Day


Miss E and I have joined in with a little group of home ed families who love the concept of Montessori and of incorporating that into our every day lives.  A group was started out of a general interest on a home ed forum.  There are 3 families involved and including Miss E 5 children in total now (all girls ha!).  The mother of one of the ladies set up 2 Montessori schools and when they eventually closed down she got a lot of the equipment which she passed on to her daughter.  Every Monday this lady kindly rearranges her whole house into a Montessori classroom setting.

From 10am til 1pm more like 2pm, we have focused Montessori time.  The day starts with some French songs and a French story, then the children go on to choose from the Montessori equipment and activities that are available for them.  There is a snack and water available for each child during the morning.  Around 12 the children go outside for a play while the lunch area is set up.  We all eat lunch together and tidy up together and then the children have free play.  The day closes with German songs and stories.

This Monday was the first time Miss E and I had managed to join the group. ¬†I wondered how she would do as the other children range in age from about 6 to 22 months and she’s just shy of 17 months. ¬†I need not have worried. ¬†She was good at coming with me to get her mat to set down for an activity. ¬†She loved the transferring activity of using a spoon to transfer rice from one bowl to another-this kept her entertained for an absolute age. ¬†She had fun unstacking the iconic Montessori pink tower and building it up again. ¬†She enjoyed painting on the easel. ¬†And she was every so calm and wonderfully behaved. ¬†When lunch was over she went off with the other girls and happily played together with them.

We had such a lovely time together with the other families, and it was good for Miss E to spend the time with older children as well. ¬†She can learn so much by observing and interacting with them and vice versa for the older ones. ¬†I have to say they were so caring and wonderfully gentle with her; it was beautiful to watch. ¬†I also enjoyed the interaction with the other mums and finding people who were also on the same wavelength as me. ¬†It’s an area I have really been struggling with recently. ¬†We are very much looking forward to our weekly Montessori meet ups.

It has also inspired me to get some more multilingual books etc to read to Miss E.  My Modern Language BA seems a lifetime away now, and as much as my brain is super rusty in that area, I would hate to think my children would grow up without any initial foreign language exposure being given to them from me, and this is the best age for little ears to pick up those sounds, so I best get started.  Do any of you incorporate a foreign language into your day with your children?  If so, how do you do this in your home?

This Is What Sunny Days Were Made For





A Week To Forget


This has been a bad week, a very bad week for many reasons! ¬†The week starts on Saturday past. ¬†When I left teaching, I started up my own pet sitting business which was going well and it also funded my reflexology studies. ¬†Since having my daughter, I have cut way back and don’t take on any new clients, but I still do the odd week here and there for clients I already had previously. ¬†So, Saturday saw the start of me looking after 4 cats and a rabbit.

When I went to get the keys etc I was told that one cat I had looked after before had died and had been replaced by a new cat. ¬†The cat was brought in so I could see it. ¬†As it turns out, it was to be one of the only glimpses I got of her! ¬†On Saturday morning, I got to the house and couldn’t get in. ¬†I turned the key, pushed down on the handle…nothing. ¬†I wiggled and jiggled the door this way and that…still nothing. ¬†It was as if there were locks on the inside stopping it from opening, which I knew wasn’t the case. ¬†Mr P assumed there was some knack I clearly didn’t know and he’d be able to get in. ¬†So an hour later with Miss E in tow we went back again. ¬†He couldn’t get in either. ¬†The panic that welled up inside as 4 hungry looking cats peered back at me wanting fed and wanting to get out. ¬†A neighbour was in his garden and asked if we wanted help, after a few minutes, somehow he got the door open, not even he knew how. ¬†At least we were in! ¬†Thankfully, there is a gated to access the back, so I have since been using the patio door key to let myself in and going out the front door…yep, it works fine on the other side!

So, we’re in. ¬†All cats are meowing but the new one is going totally mental. ¬†At first, I thought she was playing, but then I realised she was absolutely terrified. ¬†Every room we both found ourselves in she was clambouring at everything to get away from me even climbing up the kitchen blinds. ¬†As soon as I opened the back door to let them out, that cat was off like a rocket. ¬†Silly me, thought she would be back that evening, but oh no. ¬†Repeated checks turned up nothing til after 11pm when she dashed off yet again. ¬†She was not seen again until Monday morning when I opened the back door to go feed the rabbit and she almost came in until she saw it was me and she took off yet again. ¬†She has not been seen since despite repeated callings, drives round the neighbourhood, later night trips back to see if she’s returned. ¬†No sign of her. ¬†So this is a major stress and oh how I wish I got paid for overtime!

The major underlying stress is a trip we are taking to allow Miss E to meet all her relatives on my side of the family. ¬†She has yet to meet any besides my parents and brother who all live here in England. ¬†So tomorrow we shall be catching the ferry. ¬†Im not looking forward to the travel time, the sleeping on a ferry, the dealing with a toddler who does not want to go visiting lots of strangers all day and ends up having repeated meltdowns out of boredom and frustration. ¬†Oh the joys I am imagining! ¬†Add to this that Miss E’s body has decided now would be a good time for her to ramp up the teething process again, so cue bad sleeping, clingy fussy baby and it’s a good recipe for disaster.

We planned our trip to coincide with a wedding which we were invited to. ¬†Since losing loads of weight being on the anti candida diet, all my lovely dresses no longer fit me. ¬†I had eyed up some dresses to match a pair of shoes I have already, but then discovered that a friend of ours was setting up her own sewing business making bunting, cushions etc and also doing alterations. ¬†Great! ¬†No need to buy a new dress. ¬†I had the perfect dress already in the closet; it just needed a little nip and tuck here and there. ¬†I took a few skirts and the dress round and was told they would be ready at the end of the following week. ¬†Two weeks later, still nothing and no word. ¬†More time passes and I am getting anxious!! ¬†I fiiiiiiiiiinally get them back. ¬†The skirts fit fine, so I didn’t try the dress on until last night (remember we travel Friday). ¬†MAJOR< MAJOR mistake!! ¬†I could barely get into the dress, and there was NO way that dress was zipping up. ¬†It was snug when she pinned it and I asked her to loosen it then! ¬†And as well as that it wasn’t straight anymore. ¬†Needless to say the dress is no longer fit for purpose even if I could squeeze into it! ¬† Cue mild cardiac arrest at 10pm last night. ¬†Time to do some internet searching to try and find a dress that matches the shoes and stuff I already have. ¬†I found quite a few, but the majority were out of stock in my size or had a two week wait! ¬†I ended up ordering three as I have no idea which size I need and which one works best(two will obviously be returned pronto!). ¬†Two have just arrived while I have been writing this (thank you, Lord, for same day delivery), and I just need to hope that one of them fits and works, and the other turns up early tomorrow and fits so I can choose. ¬†If they’re too big, or too small, I am heading on that ferry tomorrow night with no dress for a wedding the following week!!! ¬†Never in my life have I been so unprepared for such an occasion!

And that, my friends, has pretty much been how my week has played out, one thing after another. ¬†I am surprised I’ve still got it somewhat together! ¬†Anyone else had such manic, crazy, stressful weeks they’d like to share?

Books, Books, Books!!



Lately Miss E is extremely into books. ¬†As soon as she sees a book she goes crazy. ¬†We have spent at least an hour every morning the last few weeks just reading and re-reading books. ¬†We always had reading sessions in the day, but she’s now super interested. ¬†Once a favourite book is finished she throws a fit because she wants it read again. ¬†It’s so hard when you have limited words at your disposal to ask for something. ¬†We are working on being polite and signing please instead of throwing a fit. ¬†We also a few ABC books such as My Little House ABC, and these have been going down a treat. ¬†Anytime I have read them I have always given Miss E the letter name and sound. ¬†Recently she has been fascinated with repeating the letter sounds. ¬†Some days we don’t even get the read the book as Miss E just goes through pointing at the letters waiting for the name and sound so she can repeat it.¬†¬†I am thrilled she loves books so much because, as a child, I loved, loved, loved to read. ¬†I lost my love a little during GCSEs and A levels as I was made to read textbooks that killed the joy and passion. ¬†Now that I see Miss E reading it’s reignited the passion for me. ¬†There are so many books I realise I’ve not read that I would like to read, books I want to reread. ¬†So many books and not enough time! ¬†I also downloaded Honey For A Child’s Heart¬†via Kindle and am really enjoying the insight and wisdom of Gladys Hunt. ¬†It has brought home the vital importance of reading out loud on a daily basis, the use of books to guide a child’s inner being as they get to grips with the concepts of justice, compassion etc. ¬†One thing that really stood out to me was the importance of reading to a child not just when they are a toddler but also when they are a teenager. ¬†Once I could learn to read well, I don’t remember my parents reading with me for pure enjoyment. ¬†That is something I would have loved, so it’s something I am going to do for my family. ¬†Do you enjoying reading as a family? ¬†What books are favourites?