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Nine Months With a Rainbow


So, it’s been 9 months since our rainbow baby made her entry into the world.


I think we have all now adjusted to life with Rainbow Baby and being a family of 4.  Miss E took to her baby sister much better than I ever dreamed she would.  She absolutely adores Rainbow Baby who adores her in return.  There is so much laughter from them both when they are together.


Rainbow Baby is an absolute delight.  She is full of smiles and giggles, and she knows how to use her voice.  She isn’t shy in getting her thoughts and opinions known especially when it comes to meal times.  🙂  Needless to say we have all enjoyed getting to know Rainbow Baby and she has brought so much to our family already.  We are looking forward to many more months and years with her.  Happy 9 months, baby girl!



Operation Cat To The Vet A Success


We did it!!  We got the cat to the vet.  After the realisation last night that I was going to have to take said cat to the vet with a toddler started to sink in, so did the worry.  How am I going to deal with a cat and Miss Up/Down in a waiting room.  We were going to the open surgery at 9 am, so I had no idea how long I would be hanging around waiting.  What if Miss e gets fed up and cranky?  What if I put her down and she becomes a nuisance to other pet owners.  What if she picks the wrong dog to pet?!  My girl loves her animals just like her mama, but she hasn’t quite got that not all animals are as friendly as the ones in her inner circle.  What if she starts screeching and I can’t have a conversation with the vet about what to do with the cat?  What if, what if, what if.  The answer then became incredibly clear and was oh so simple: use a wrap!  We love babywearing and I’ve written about it a bit in the beginning few months. Duh, of course I should use a wrap!!  I set off just after 8 am with Miss E and wrap in tow.  The owner had warned me the cat was a nightmare to get in the carrier, so you better believe I was praying like crazy, begging God to let him just sit serenely in the carrier while I got the door closed.

We got the house, and first thing was this was not the simple kind of pet carrier I’m used to with the little front opening door.  No, this carrier had a top that came completely off with weird claspy clip things that were such a faff to figure out and close……..cue more prayer!  I closed the kitchen door so he couldn’t escape as I was told he hides in the most awkward places when he sees this carrier.  I picked him up, put him in and he gave a bit of a struggle, but nothing like I was expecting and I managed to get him securely held inside….thank you Lord!  Off we set to the vets.  The cat was making weird noises, but at the same time it also sounded like Miss E was using the same weird pitch to say hello…..I still haven’t figured out whether it was her or the cat all the time but on the way home after dropping the cat off she said nothing which makes me think it was all the cat.  So my journey to and from the surgery consisted of me alternating between, “It’s ok, A.” and “Hello, Miss E!”

Once at the surgery I got Miss E securely wrapped to my front…..oh how I love wraps….and took A inside.  We had to wait a little while, and the whole time I was so thankful I did not have to hold both the cat in his carrier(that was heavy enough with the use of two hands!!)and a wriggly toddler.  Miss E loved the animals, both in real life and on various posters.  We got the kitty sorted with a few injections and some medication to take with us, and we got him back home.  Once at home, the cat went outside and sulked on the patio.  He refused to look at me!  Thankfully, his owners had already decided to cut their vacation short due to rainy weather, so I don’t have to attempt getting tablets and a pro-biotic paste into the cat!

I’m pleased it’s all over and yet again, babywearing has saved the day!

Another Great Reason for Babywearing



We were invited to an evening wedding reception a while ago, and I had been kind of anxious as it was due to start right around the time my daughter normally starts getting cranky and wanting to be asleep.  I kept having visions of her screaming so loud the whole reception would be disrupted(she is REALLY loud).  Anyway, off we set for the reception and I took our latest wrap which the other mama sent to me with added sleepy dust (every time my little one’s in in she just drifts off to sleep).  I really shouldn’t have worried about how she would cope seeing as I had a wrap on hand.

We got there, and mingled around.  My daughter enjoyed meeting new people and checking out all the new sights.  When she started getting a bit restless, I found a nice quiet spot removed from all the noise and people to feed her as she’s very easily distracted from feeding by any noise or movement.  After she’d finished feeding, I took her and got her changed and wrapped her up and within 10 minutes she was fast asleep.  This left me with 2 free hands to enjoy the BBQ that was on offer, and as the reception was outside(if only I’d know I may have brought a long sleeved top to wear!!) it meant my little one was all snuggly warm up against me getting heat from me.

With the loud music and also the fireworks display, other babies and little children who were there in carseats or pushchairs woke up and were crying and needed to be settled all over again, but I covered my daughter’s ear with my hand to drown out as much noise as possible and she slept soundly through it all, not even waking up for the bangs of exploding fireworks!

The wrap was like her little home away from home.  A place where she was able to cuddle in and switch off from the very busy, unfamiliar environment and feel safe.  It meant we could get her to sleep at the time she was used to going to bed at, and still be able to be out and enjoying the wedding celebrations.  It gives us the freedom to go to such events without the fear of an overtired, screaming child who is needing her bedtime but is nowhere near her bed or has nowhere to get away from the overstimulation of sound etc.

Have I said how much I LOVE babywearing?! 😀

Saved by the wrap


Something I’ve not mentioned yet is that I am a first generation babywearing mama(I say this because I was not wrapped as a baby nor did anyone in my extended family wear their babies, and both my parents and probably my in-laws too are still getting their heads around this break with the ‘traditional’ Western parenting style!).  Well before I even fell pregnant I knew that if I were to have a baby I would want to wear him or her because of all the benefits (more on that again).  We’ve enjoyed every minute of wearing over the last months.  No jostling for position with the pushchair when out and about (we hardly ever use it; the number of times might not even have reached double digits yet!), 2 hands free to get on with house work whilst knowing my little one is safe with me either having a nap or getting an interesting view of what’s going on in the world, 2 hands free to walk my dogs and be able to go for long walks in places where pushchairs would never cope, loads of lovely baby snuggles, the list of great reasons for having a wrap is endless.  But tonight I have just added another great reason to my list.

My angel has been struggling to sleep lately.  She’s teething and it often flares up right as the poor soul needs rest.  She isn’t managing to go to sleep at her normal time and she’s waking up earlier too.  She is oh so tired and you can see in her eyes she’d just love a good sleep.  Tonight, however, was the worst yet.  Normally a quick nurse is all she needs to send her to the land of nod again, or some teething granules and a quick nurse.  Not tonight.  She was screaming hysterically.  My husband paced with her, rocked her, shhh’ed her, still screaming.  Teething granules were administered, and still she screamed a scream that told us something was definitely bothering her big time.  So I decided that maybe I’d just go to bed myself and nurse her in bed(never before has nursing  failed to quieten any cry), but she refused to nurse screaming even more and pushing me away.  I tried skin to skin, but that solved nothing.  I swayed her, sang to her, and she just carried on screaming and wailing.  Suddenly I thought, wrap!!!!  I called to my husband to grab a wrap quickly, and I got her all snuggly in the wrap and within a few mins the hysterical screaming had reduced to tired whimpers and a few minutes later she was fast asleep.

And here we are, one sleeping, tired and poorly angel and a tired, but happy mama later writing this post to tell you all that babywearing is the best!!!  It gives poorly babies a warm, safe place to finally switch off and get some well needed rest, which in turn helps protect the ears of tired, stressed out parents.  Everyone’s a winner! 😀 Do you babywear?  What’s your favourite carrier?  If you don’t babywear and you have a baby or toddler, what are you waiting for?!  Get stuck in to babywearing!  You won’t regret it, I promise 😀


At peace in her wrap which must be covered in sleepy dust