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A Few Germs Can Be Good For you


Last Sunday, we attended a birthday bring and share celebration.  Miss E had lots of fun eating, dropping food on the ground(by accident) and then refinding it and eating it.  After she had finished eating she pottered around in the garden, picking at the grass, digging in a bunch of stones and just being generally curious.  later in the afternoon someone we didn’t know came and introduced himself to us.  Mr P and I got talking to him and Miss E continued to potter about stepping on and off the decking where she had earlier been eating.  It transpired this guy was a Dr in a hospital.  We chatted some more and all of a sudden out of no where he yells, “NO!!”  At the top of his voice.  It terrified me, and I started looking round in a panic wondering what sort of emergency was taking place.  “No!!  We don’t eat that, it’s been on the ground, yuck yuck!!”  I look down to find Miss E stood with a piece of her own tortilla chip that she had obviously dropped earlier on while eating.  She was looking at this man like he had completely lost his mind, which, quite frankly, I do believe for a moment he had!  From his reaction you would’ve thought she was about to chomp down on some cat poo or something else equally as horrid and hazardous to her health.

It totally bemused me.  Here’s a newflash folks, getting dirty isn’t dangerous!  Eating a tortilla chip that’s fallen on the ground not so long since isn’t going to kill you either!  Everywhere we go these days there are dispensers for hand sanitiser, you can even buy bottles of the stuff to carry round with you in your bag just in case you need to fend off any terrifying germs.  Cleaning product companies are always coming out with an even better formula to fight those germs that creep into our houses under the cover of darkness.  I mean, just how on earth did our grandparents manage to survive as long as they did without all of these ways of fighting the germs?!

Folks, we need more dirt; we need more kids to pick things up off the floor and have a nibble, why?!  Because their health depends on it.   A child’s immune system needs to be kept active and well honed in order to be able to protect him/her from the real threats out there.  When a child grows up in a super sanitised environment, their immune system becomes bored.  There is nothing for it to process, and, a bit like an under stimulated child, it’s going to make its own fun.  It picks on innate things and the body then becomes allergic to these things just because the immune system needs to have something to exercise with and keep active with.  This may lead to asthma, pet allergies, food allergies etc.

Our homes and lives are too clean and this has an effect on our children.  We have two dogs, two gerbils and now two fish, so Miss E spends her days petting these animals, lying on them(the dogs that is…don’t think the gerbils would appreciate it much), crawling in and out of the dog bed.  When she’s outside, she’s free to pick up dirt and let it sift through her hands.  She often needs a clean set of clothes after playing outside.  And she is forever finding some bit of dropped food on the floor.   And we don’t use any chemical based cleaning products.  However, out of all her friends, she has to be the healthiest.  Her friends suffer from various food allergies and eczema.

So just remember we need a little more dirt in our lives and can be a huge boost to our immune system 🙂


One Month In


It’s been about a month since I started my diet, and I am still for the most part feeling good and full of energy.  I’m able to do my housework again, which is great as when I was really ill it made me feel worse to stare at all the chores that kept taunting me.  There’s still a huge to-do list, but at least I’m keeping on top of it these days!  I have lost a lot of weight though.  The homeopath did warn me I could lose weight as the candida were adding about 4lbs to my weight (WOW), but I’ve lost more than this, and it’s getting a bit disconcerting.  I don’t want to look stick thin, nor do I really want to have to replace every item of clothing as my current clothes are falling off.  I have been sticking to my diet very well, except for at the wedding reception………..there was a reason for this though.  I could’ve just had a plain burger without the bun and eaten the salad.  But instead I chose to have a burger in a bun with some ketchup and mayo, a sausage(another thing on the no no list), a piece of the wedding cake and a little mini brownie.  Why?  Well, this week my family’s received some pretty scary news.  It has brought home to me the brevity of life.  And I thought to myself, well, I may die tomorrow, and whether I eat the bread etc or not can’t and won’t change that if it is to be so.  No one knows how long a life they have to live.  And yes, for 99% of the time I stick to my diet, but life is so short, that I am not going to deprive myself of a little treat at such a special event.  I woke up feeling no worse for the wear.  I did expect to feel really sick and have an awful tummy ache as that did happen once before when I ate something I didn’t realise I shouldn’t eat, but nothing!  My energy levels have still be good as well.  Obviously, I am back on to my strict eating regime now as I don’t want to return to how ill I was only 4 weeks ago, but there are some scenarios where I think it’s only fair to break the diet rules just a little and enjoy the scrumptious culinary delights in this world…………in moderation, of course! 🙂

New Eating Regime Update


I’ve been on my yeast and sugar free diet for a few weeks now.  I’m now also taking all 10 pills a day.  This is such a triumph for me.  I know it probably isn’t great for killing off all that nasty candida bacteria quickly, but I started off by taking 4 a day and gradually adding the rest in to get my mind over the fact I had to swallow so many.  I still sometimes struggle, and I have to walk away and finish off taking them at a later point in the day, BUT they are going down and staying down and that’s the main thing!!!  So, how’s it been going?  Well, there have been definite improvements already.  I wake up in a morning with a clear head and feel like I’ve actually rested during the night.  This still amazes me as I really can’t remember the last time in my life when I woke up feeling really with it and ready for the day.  My tummy is less bloated as well.  I don’t have a painful tummy anymore either.  I’ve had more energy, but I have to learn to curb my desire to burn myself out when I get a little store of energy as I still tire easily.  I also manage to eat my 3 main meals in a day and no longer feel starved about an hour later…..that’s HUGE.  While at uni all my friends used to laugh at the fact that I constantly had to eat(but if I didn’t I had the shakes as the candida needed its little yeast or sugar fix).  Never before in my life have I gone without snacking between meals.   So, all in all, a very good start even though I started the medication side of things gradually!  I do miss eating fruit as I LOVE fruit, and I look forward to being able to reintroduce it to my diet.  As far as everything else goes, I don’t really miss chocolate, cookies, cakes etc as much as I feared I would do.  I did have a stressful incident last week which made me crave even a square of chocolate(I used to comfort eat a LOT), but apart from that, it doesn’t bother me.  I’ve made cupcakes for birthdays, desserts for company, and bought cake for people while out for coffee, and I rarely feel upset that they’re eating what I can’t eat.  Sometimes it’s irritating that I can’t eat all the meals I used to eat as they contain ingredients I’m currently not longer allowed, but it’s definitely worth it to feel well again!  The progress I have seen already gives me the encouragement I need to stick at it for the next 15ish months.

A Pill A Day…or 10!


time to become a walking medicine cupboard!

This picture shows all the pills I have to take in a month.  I can feel my mouth and throat clamping tightly shut just looking at them.  So what do I have to take?

Psyllium Husk: once a day to help break up all the nastiness in my gut and to get rid of Candida’s nice little home in there.

Caprylic Acid: twice a day also to kill off bad bacteria and encourage the good bacteria to start multplying again.

Super Dophyilus: twice a day to replenish my body with 8 strains of friendly bacteria.

Multivit & Iron: once a day to ensure I’m getting the right vitamins, minerals etc with the strict diet.

Milk Thistle: once a day to protect the liver against damage from the 79 poisons released by Candida.

Omega 3: once a day to boost my immune system and work as an anti-imflammatory.

Garlic: once a day to slow down the spread of the bad bacteria.  It acts as a natural anti-biotic and helps support the immune system as well.

WOW!  For someone who hates taking pills even once in a while that sure is a lot to swallow.  I keep trying to remind myself that it’s short term pain for long term gain.  Hopefully that helps me get them down, but I think it’s going to be a major daily struggle!