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Growing Nicely



I am a good bit over the halfway mark now in this pregnancy (if baby decides to come when it has been estimated to arrive).  Baby is doing well and growing as expected.  The vomiting has mostly stopped now hurrah!   I am so thankful, as it means that, this time, unlike with Miss E, I am able to feel excited about the baby inside instead of just wishing away the days until I could be done and feel well again.

I am also thankful that this time around we are able to get osteopathic treatment for my SPD so I can avoid ending up in various braces and walk without the support of crutches.   It has made such a difference to my life especially with needing to care for Miss E and ensure that she can still get to see her friends weekly.

My latest issue is the fact that I am not sleeping well at all which is affecting my SVT some days.  I either can’t get to sleep due to baby having a party in my womb, my legs being agitated, my brain buzzing, heartburn etc, or I get woken up by something and then I cannot get back to sleep.  Exhaustion makes you do weird things like put items in cupboards that should be in the fridge or leave the oven on for hours after you have eaten what you had in there, and I have now officially banned myself from cooking rice until this baby is born as in the last week, I have burned it twice due to being so tired I’ve forgotten it’s even cooking, argh!  Oh the joys of the pregnancy journey 🙂

I really cannot believe how fast this pregnancy and year are flying by.  How did we get to April already?!?!  I have so much to cram into a very short space of time, like ensuring I take Miss E on a few special days out just the two of us now I am feeling somewhat better, getting our house on the market in the next 2 weeks and sold ASAP so we can get moving before baby arrives, and there are a few things I want to make for baby as well.  Time, please slow down for just a little while!


When Did You Show Up?


I had determined in my heart I would be a “Yes Mum”.  The one who takes the time to play, takes the time to get out the “messy” stuff.  The one who isn’t bothered if an activity is going to take an age to clear up afterwards.  I wanted my daughter and any subsequent children to have memories of fun, of happy play, of an adult who engaged, of an adult who valued them and wanted to involve them.

But somehow, at some point, SHE showed up.  SHE sucked the fun out.  SHE was too busy cleaning, sorting or something else as equally important.  SHE found it too much effort to get out the paints.  SHE didn’t want to have mess in the house afterwards.  You know who SHE is?  SHE is “No Mum”.  The grouchy, huffy, busy, boring grown up.  Yep, somehow, SHE arrived in our lives.  I didn’t see her coming.  SHE crept in bit by bit I think, but I realised SHE was around when I saw how much SHE had taken over.

When your toddler goes around going, “no, no, no” repeatedly, it’s time to step back and examine!  When I did that I saw myself.  No, Miss E, no.  No, don’t touch that.  No, don’t do that.  No move from there.  No, I am busy.  No, I need to vacuum.  No, not right now.  No, let’s do this.  No, no, no, no, no!  Is it any wonder she’s going round repeatedly saying the word?!  Where is “Yes Mum” anyway?!  Why wasn’t I informed she was departing until she had departed?!

That’s all immaterial really; the main thing to do here is bring her back!  I am determined to be “Yes, Mum” again.  It is easier, for now, to say no.  It is less hassle, but I know, one day, those little arms will no longer be outstretched while a little mouth is saying “up, up!”  She won’t always run round the house with everything that has words on it going, “read, read!”  I need to be “Yes, Mum” now, before it’s too late.

Keep Your Opinions To Yourself


Dear Lady At The Supermarket,

Yes, you will be on the receiving end of my grizzly mama bear side protecting her cub.  You see, no one asked you for your opinion on her behaviour!  You know not me nor my daughter.  You do not know that she has been in this supermarket with parents who have taken their time dawdling over stuff they find interesting.  You do not know that she is worn out and hungry.  You do not know that for 17 months old she has, to this point, been very patient with her mummy and daddy as they saunter round the supermarket.  All you see is this current screaming ball of emotions, and you feel you can assess the situation fully and pass judgement on my child.  I hope you have learned a lesson, and next time you see a toddler in this state you will know to keep your opinions to yourself.  Next time you see a child and feel tempted to call it naughty because it is currently screaming and pitching a fit, I hope you will remember my words back to you and will catch yourself before such nasty words fall off your tongue to complete strangers.  I hope you will look beyond the screaming and have some sympathy for the child.  But if nothing else, I hope you remember your opinions are unwanted and unhelpful, so if you have nothing nice to say about my child or anyone else’s in a similar situation, just keep your lips firmly sealed and move on!

And I hope this letter serves as a reminder for us all, myself included, that we need to stop labelling children, look beyond the emotions and the behaviour manifested and find the root cause.  That is what needs dealing with.  We need to spare some sympathy for the child who is fully dependent on his/her parents to meet all needs.  We need to be understanding that they have yet developed their will enough to be able to control their emotions all the time (and hey, how many adults do this with a 100% pass record 100% of the time and we have many more years on the child!) this is still a work in progress.  We need to realise they have yet to acquire all the words they need to fully express why they are so upset.  So instead of allowing vile words to tumble blithely from our lips, instead let’s spread kind ones or share a kind look with both child and parent.



One Disgruntled Mama

What We Did Last Monday


It’s been a while since I mentioned that I’d post about the fun we got up to on Bank Holiday Monday, but here it is.  It was a beautiful sunny day and we got a big box of potato flakes(smash, instant mash, whatever other names you can think of for the stuff).  I popped the flakes into an old tin, placed it on the tuff spot along with things like funnels, rakes, little trucks etc.  Miss E played with it dry as it was for a while.  She enjoyed scooping, watching it as it fell back through her fingers.  She enjoed making tracks as she pushed the truck through the flakes.







When we got tired of playing with it dry, I added some water via a little bowl Miss E had to play with.  We added water one little bowl at a time.  She loved putting the flake into the water and watching them mix together.  We both loved smooshing the soppy mixture through our fingers on the tuff spot.  In fact, I’m not sure who enjoyed it the most!!  It was a lovely time spent out in the sun, with some messy sensorial play that cost hardly anything.  It’s amazing what you can do with the things found in your cupboards (or in this case on the shelf at the store)!


first bowl of water

first bowl of water


squidgy goodness

squidgy goodness



We cannot train our babies not to need us.  Whether it’s the middle of the day or the middle of the night, their needs are real and valid, including the simple need for human touch.  A ‘trained’ baby may give up on his needs being met, but the need is still there, just not the trust.

~L.R. Knost~

Thoughtful Thursdays

Off To A Great Start


This week started really well.  Monday was bank holiday and I got 8 loads of laundry washed, dried and sorted.  That makes me one happy person!  I hate having laundry hanging round the house drying, so fantastic days like Monday are great.  Plus, nothing beats the smell of laundry that has been hung out to dry in the fresh air…bliss!  We also went car hunting as one of our cars has died.




In the afternoon we had some fun in the sun at home.  More on that another day, but here’s a little photo.





Yesterday (as it’s now after 3am on Wednesday) was a good day too.  We were up, breakfasted and washed and dressed by 7:30am.  In an hour and 15 minutes, I had vacuumed, mopped and cleaned the bathroom (the joys of my routine to keep me focused as, before, this could have taken all day).  Miss E went down for a nap again at 9am.  I finished up our Abel & Cole order for the week and did a bit of crocheting in the sunshine.  Miss E woke up at near 11am and we got ready to take the dogs for a walk.  They enjoyed that immensely and were so well behaved.  Usually, we have issues of them pulling quite  a bit in excitement.  Once home, Miss E had a snack and I prepared the sauce for the homemade pasta we were going to have later in the day.  Mr P had made the dough the night before, so I just had to run it through the machine.  I then set up an invitation to play outside.  We were supposed to do arty things and I was just going to set up some paper and crayons etc inside, but as the weather was so nice, we went outside to do “art”.  After she was done with that we read some stories outside too.


invitation to whisk up some soapy bubbles and do some mark making with water

invitation to whisk up some soapy bubbles and do some mark making with water




concentrating so hard on her mark making, bless her

concentrating so hard on her mark making, bless her


After our lovely time in the sunshine, we came in and I made our pasta while Miss E took gerbil food out of its bag to place on the shelf above, which of course ended up all over my nicely vacuumed and mopped kitchen floor.  Thank goodness for two dogs who clear up pretty much all food stuff!  Miss E then had free play inside til it was her bathtime and bedtime.  So it all went pretty well, until about 3pm when I started to get the worst headache.  Since Friday I have had a sore chest which developed into the starts of a cough by Sunday and yesterday morning I woke up with a pretty bad chest and a cold as well.  That has now developed into the flu.  Poor Mr P had to go up into the loft to get the desk fan down as I was sweating away in bed.  I have since got up as I can hardly breathe lying down.  So I am sat aching and sweating and feeling generally miserable on the couch while blogging at 3:30am….that’s a first!  Miss E is also having some very unsettled sleep I can hear, so it looks like Wednesday is set to be a very low key day!


A Mile In Memory Of Matilda Mae

In Memory Of Matilda Mae On Her Birthday

In Memory Of Matilda Mae On Her Birthday


Today, May 2nd 2013, Matilda Mae should have woken up to her very first birthday celebration.  She should be enjoying loads of special attention from her family.  She should be opening presents and eating birthday cake and doing something magical to celebrate the first year of her life.  Instead, today, her family are left mourning the death of this beautiful little girl.  They are left with aching hearts and empty arms.  There will be no lovely photographs of Matilda today dressed in birthday finery in awe and wonder at the happenings around her.  Instead there will be and mother and father and a brother and sister trying to honour her life in a fitting way and realising yet again that their precious daughter, their little sister will not be returning to them because she was taken so cruelly from them by Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  How does a parent live with that?  I honestly don’t know.  I break down every time I think of the hard road they are journeying down, every time I think of how unfair it is to have lost a sweet baby so soon.

Next Saturday, May 11th 2013, Mr P, Miss E and I shall be walking with a lot of other people in A Mile In Memory Of Matilda Mae.  I have set up a Just Giving page where you can go and donate a small sum to sponsor us and help raise money for The Lullaby Trust.  Please support us and Matilda’s family.  it would mean so much to them if we could raise a good sum of money between us all for the charity in Matilda Mae’s memory.



matilda mae