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Lesson From A Blackbird


It’s been raining heavily the past few days, which has suited my mood.  I’m in a place of confusion and wondering when there will be a break through in certain situations I find in my life.  I see no way out, no way of improving things.

The children both went for a rest earlier this morning, and I came down to the kitchen with a heavy heart to make a hot drink.  I looked out of the window while waiting for the kettle to boil, and there on my lawn (I say lawn loosely as it is more a churned up section of mud with tufts of grass in patches after having two dogs and children trekking around on it) was a blackbird.  He was out there in the pelting rain and wind gathering his meal for the day.  He looked unaffected by the adverse conditions around him; more like he was rather enjoying it as there was food aplenty for him.  After he had his fill, he hopped up onto the fence and lifted his little head into the rain seemingly soaking it in and rejoicing.

I heard a little voice inside reminding me, that even though things may look bleak and unchangeable, and even if it doesn’t feel like it, there is opportunity in every season of life.  And much like the blackbird needs the not so nice weather conditions to bring more worms to the surface, so we also need storms in our life so they can shape our character and teach us valuable lessons.

Nothing has changed about my situation since seeing the blackbird, but my heart feels a little lighter and more encouraged knowing that even if I don’t see it yet, there is some good, some opportunity to come out of it.