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Busy Days


Since my last post, I have done an Usborne book party which was great fun.  I love looking at all the books on display; it makes my heart happy.



Sad I know, but there is nothing that satisfies a book worm more than a table full of gorgeous books!


We have also spent a lot of time viewing houses, having people here to look at different options for selling our house.  The viewing side of things has been a discouraging process as on paper they look great and then you go and it just isn’t as you expected or hoped.  On the plus the selling side is encouraging, so, yey, things could be moving on in that area.  We need to get some storage sorted and start shifting the non essentials  out of the house and then at least when we do sell we won’t have loads of packing up to do which should speed things up.


And on Sunday we added a new member to our family:

The 'Raddit'

The ‘Raddit’


I have cared for this family’s pets a few times now and the last time I cared for the rabbit and cats, Miss E fell in love.  The owner felt that as her children were not giving him the attention he deserved he would be better off in a home where he was loved.  So, on Sunday we finally brought him home after ensuring he had a nice, large, secure run so the dogs wouldn’t get to him.  He has brought no end of joy and laughter every morning and evening as we spend lots of time with him giving cuddles.  We bought him this jingly ball for rabbits at the pet shop and Miss E laughs hysterically when she rolls it to him and he picks it up and flings it back.  This morning’s trip down was not so fun, however, as it was pouring with rain.  The rabbit stayed nice and warm in his hutch, and Miss E and I returned to the house soaked through.


This weekend I have a stall at a Christmas Fair.  That is slightly nerve wrecking.  I keep wondering if I have enough stock, or enough of the right stock?  What if no one buys?  What if too many people are lined up to buy and I can’t cope?  What if I miscalculate the change?  Ah so many what ifs!  I am very excited though.  I love the books…I just wish i could buy the whole catalogue for myself 😉


But that has been our week so far, and next week looks to be just as busy.


A Bad Day In The Animal Kingdom


As I write, I am waiting for Mr P to come home early.  He shouldn’t be coming home early, except that our poor dogs are trapped.  At night time they sleep in our garage as they hate being in the house to sleep.  They enjoy cozying up in their crate together in the garage and are happiest there.  During the day when I want Miss E to have some time in the garden, I cannot have the dogs out at the same time.  it just doesn’t work.  They are in the paddling pool, walking through her painting area, eating any sensory play materials, and often knocking her over.  We are in the process of sectioning off the garden so we can all be out at the same time, but have some boundaries!

Well, today like other days, I have popped the dogs to bed for a little while so Miss E can enjoy the garden dog free.  After we were done at it was time for lunch, I went like normal to let them out and give htem their treat……..the garage door wouldn’t open.  I pulled and pulled, but that thing wouldn’t budge.  It’s stuck at the top and the top hinge is somehow broken, so no amount of willing it to move helped.  I also don’t have the know how or strength to do anything more.  So that is why Mr P is on his way home.  They have now been stuck in the garage for 5 hours.  A mega great walk is due to them upon their release!

So that is the first bad happening in the Mummy’s Heart animal kingdom.  Miss E was super tired after a very long day yesterday and a very late bedtime so she wanted to go to bed early.  She has some fish in her room and before bedtime the fish get fed.  I dropped some food in and went off to get Miss E her toothbrush.  When I looked at the tank again there didn’t seem to be much excitement about the food I put in, so I had a closer look.  Only one fish was eating.  I looked and looked for the other and couldn’t see it.  This is nothing unusual as it likes to hide in certain spots, but I checked all the usual spots and there was no fish.  Then I spotted it, stuck down the side of the tank between and ornament and the tank wall.  It had taken to going down there lately and clearly this time it had gone too far and managed to get wedged there.  And so, along with the trapped dogs, we have a dead fish.  It hasn’t been dead for long as I saw them both alive this week, but this awful heat has meant that decomposition has already begun.

It’s a horrible day.  The first time the dogs have ever been trapped and the first time one of our pets has died.  It is already sad and Miss E isn’t really at an age of comprehending, but I dread the day when she is a bit older and any one of our remaining troop dies, especially the dogs as she adores them. :/

Hurry home, Mr P!

A Week To Forget


This has been a bad week, a very bad week for many reasons!  The week starts on Saturday past.  When I left teaching, I started up my own pet sitting business which was going well and it also funded my reflexology studies.  Since having my daughter, I have cut way back and don’t take on any new clients, but I still do the odd week here and there for clients I already had previously.  So, Saturday saw the start of me looking after 4 cats and a rabbit.

When I went to get the keys etc I was told that one cat I had looked after before had died and had been replaced by a new cat.  The cat was brought in so I could see it.  As it turns out, it was to be one of the only glimpses I got of her!  On Saturday morning, I got to the house and couldn’t get in.  I turned the key, pushed down on the handle…nothing.  I wiggled and jiggled the door this way and that…still nothing.  It was as if there were locks on the inside stopping it from opening, which I knew wasn’t the case.  Mr P assumed there was some knack I clearly didn’t know and he’d be able to get in.  So an hour later with Miss E in tow we went back again.  He couldn’t get in either.  The panic that welled up inside as 4 hungry looking cats peered back at me wanting fed and wanting to get out.  A neighbour was in his garden and asked if we wanted help, after a few minutes, somehow he got the door open, not even he knew how.  At least we were in!  Thankfully, there is a gated to access the back, so I have since been using the patio door key to let myself in and going out the front door…yep, it works fine on the other side!

So, we’re in.  All cats are meowing but the new one is going totally mental.  At first, I thought she was playing, but then I realised she was absolutely terrified.  Every room we both found ourselves in she was clambouring at everything to get away from me even climbing up the kitchen blinds.  As soon as I opened the back door to let them out, that cat was off like a rocket.  Silly me, thought she would be back that evening, but oh no.  Repeated checks turned up nothing til after 11pm when she dashed off yet again.  She was not seen again until Monday morning when I opened the back door to go feed the rabbit and she almost came in until she saw it was me and she took off yet again.  She has not been seen since despite repeated callings, drives round the neighbourhood, later night trips back to see if she’s returned.  No sign of her.  So this is a major stress and oh how I wish I got paid for overtime!

The major underlying stress is a trip we are taking to allow Miss E to meet all her relatives on my side of the family.  She has yet to meet any besides my parents and brother who all live here in England.  So tomorrow we shall be catching the ferry.  Im not looking forward to the travel time, the sleeping on a ferry, the dealing with a toddler who does not want to go visiting lots of strangers all day and ends up having repeated meltdowns out of boredom and frustration.  Oh the joys I am imagining!  Add to this that Miss E’s body has decided now would be a good time for her to ramp up the teething process again, so cue bad sleeping, clingy fussy baby and it’s a good recipe for disaster.

We planned our trip to coincide with a wedding which we were invited to.  Since losing loads of weight being on the anti candida diet, all my lovely dresses no longer fit me.  I had eyed up some dresses to match a pair of shoes I have already, but then discovered that a friend of ours was setting up her own sewing business making bunting, cushions etc and also doing alterations.  Great!  No need to buy a new dress.  I had the perfect dress already in the closet; it just needed a little nip and tuck here and there.  I took a few skirts and the dress round and was told they would be ready at the end of the following week.  Two weeks later, still nothing and no word.  More time passes and I am getting anxious!!  I fiiiiiiiiiinally get them back.  The skirts fit fine, so I didn’t try the dress on until last night (remember we travel Friday).  MAJOR< MAJOR mistake!!  I could barely get into the dress, and there was NO way that dress was zipping up.  It was snug when she pinned it and I asked her to loosen it then!  And as well as that it wasn’t straight anymore.  Needless to say the dress is no longer fit for purpose even if I could squeeze into it!   Cue mild cardiac arrest at 10pm last night.  Time to do some internet searching to try and find a dress that matches the shoes and stuff I already have.  I found quite a few, but the majority were out of stock in my size or had a two week wait!  I ended up ordering three as I have no idea which size I need and which one works best(two will obviously be returned pronto!).  Two have just arrived while I have been writing this (thank you, Lord, for same day delivery), and I just need to hope that one of them fits and works, and the other turns up early tomorrow and fits so I can choose.  If they’re too big, or too small, I am heading on that ferry tomorrow night with no dress for a wedding the following week!!!  Never in my life have I been so unprepared for such an occasion!

And that, my friends, has pretty much been how my week has played out, one thing after another.  I am surprised I’ve still got it somewhat together!  Anyone else had such manic, crazy, stressful weeks they’d like to share?

Mother’s Day


How’s your day going?  Father, mother, whoever you may be?  Like I mentioned, yesterday, today in the UK is Mother’s Day.  I was looking forward to a nice, relaxing day.  Last year, I was bed ridden most of the day, and Miss E screamed the whole day (she liked to do a lot of screaming at that point in her little life), but she was quiet for long enough for us to all get out in the evening last-minute for dinner.  I don’t know how your day is going, whether or not you are celebrating Mother’s Day, but here’s how mine has gone.

8:30am: wake up, feed daughter, have some laughs and cuddles in bed.  So far so good with this nice, relaxing day stuff!  Husband takes daughter downstairs to play and get the breakfast ready while I call my mum to wish her a happy Mother’s Day.

9:30am: finally come downstairs and play a bit with Miss E who has her porridge (my can than child eat porridge!) and then we all have some yummy pancakes made by the lovely husband.  We chill over some hot drinks-obviously not Miss E who will not drink anything but water(we have tried with watered down 100% fruit juice as a special treat on days like today and she tastes it, spits it out and shakes her head no).  I am doing some cat sitting this weather, as, before Miss E came along I had a pet sitting business.  I say, had, I still do, although only for past clients and now only cats and small pets.  So we thought it was time to go see to this cat.  My husband’s had to tend to him the past few days as I have been so poorly with the goings on, and I wanted to go today but wasn’t up to driving.

As it was getting on a bit in the morning, we decided to just grab some clothes and go and we’d shower once we were back.  He doesn’t live far away and he tends to go out in the day, so we hadn’t been planning on being out long.  It had snowed overnight, but Miss E’s coat was in the wash due to her being sick on it.  Foolishly we thought for the short distance we were going, all would be fine.  Off we set, unwashed in random clothes, Miss E coatless.  So far so good.

We get to a hill where there is a gear change needed due to traffic slowing down and the car starts juddering and doesn’t seem to want to go into gear.  We had a problem with our other car while I was pregnant with Miss E where the clutch went entirely in a similar situation, so we thought oh great………….but the cause was a lack of petrol!!  The car shuddered to a halt.  Now what?  Miss E had no coat, my husband had no phone as it was at home charging.  The nearest petrol station was a good walk away, which would have meant my husband leaving us by the car or us walking quite a way to somewhere to stand in a store waiting…one of us without a phone.

We got out of the car and I wrapped Miss E up in my coat, and there we stood.  My husband tried calling the breakdown service, but my phone is so terrible that it kept cutting off on him while he was waiting in the queue of calls.  So there we were, stood out in the cold with the snowflakes gently falling, wondering what we were going to do.  Cars passed us by, but no one came.  My husband decided Miss E and I needed to get back into the car as it was so cold and neither of us were really dressed for it, and he got in again too to try to call the breakdown service again.  A man then passed by who looked in and while my husband was trying to get out to talk to him to see if he could maybe use his phone, he walked off!  My heart sank a little, but just as he walked off a man came up to my window.  I opened it and he said to my husband, are you ok, where do you live?  So my husband said we live in X which is the next town over, and he said, “Would you like me to take your wife and daughter home for you?  I have my son in the car.  This is no weather to be stood outside!  We saw you stood out on the side of the road, but I wasn’t able to stop, so we had to go round again(basically in a loop to get back to where we were stuck).”  My husband told him he thought it was just a case of the car having run out of juice, so he told us all to get into his car, lock our car up and he drove us to the nearest petrol station-Miss E without a car seat, so, thankfully, the police weren’t around.  My husband filled a can up, and he drove us back.  He had me and Miss E wait in his nice warm car til he was sure the can of petrol would do the trick to get us moving again.  Praise the Lord it did!  And praise the Lord for kind Samaritans who stop and help!  Turns out this man was a long haul truck driver and he often sees breakdowns and stops to help as “there’s nothing worse than being stood by the side of the road.”

Finally we got to the cat, sorted him out, got home, showered and my husband cooked a lovely dinner for us all.  I am feeling rather ill from being gassed out on petrol fumes, but so thankful for kindness in humanity that got us sorted out so we could fill up the tank a some more and get home and have a laugh about this rather eventful Mother’s Day! 🙂