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Re-purposing Egg Cartons And Enjoying Some Messy Fun




This week, I wanted to get on with planting some more vegetable seeds as time is slowly but surely ticking away (how is it May already?!).  I have a huge stack of egg cartons sat on a shelf in the kitchen and knew these would make perfect little seeding trays.  I separated the lid from the bottom, pierced holes into the bottom of each little egg section for drainage and then set that back into the lid.  We took our tuff spot outside along with the egg cartons, compost and some spoons etc and we enjoyed some fun in the sun.  It was just what was needed after an extremely hard morning.







filling the carton with compost

filling the carton with compost

it's serious work

it’s serious work

abandoning the spoon in favour of using her hands

abandoning the spoon in favour of using her hands

I wonder what will happen if I just tip this carton upside down

I wonder what will happen if I just tip this carton upside down

hopefully lots of lovely veg will come from this

hopefully lots of lovely veg will come from this

As always, click on the link button at the top and check out what other fun children have been having this week.


A New Project





Miss E is getting a blind in her room tomorrow.  Her curtains are very light and, with the summer approaching, she has been struggling to sleep in an evening with light, so we have been pinning dark towels and bedsheets onto her curtain rail to keep the daylight out…classy huh?  😉  Her room so far has been quite neutral as we didn’t find out if we were having a girl or boy til the minute she was born.  Now it’s time to add a little girly touch to the room starting with her blind.  I decided I would make her a throw for her bed as well.  Mr P took me to a yarn and material shop near us on Saturday, and I picked up some King Cole Baby Comfort DK yarn.  I got home and found a youtube clip on how to crochet a granny square (that’s right folks, I have never in my life made a blanket before!).  So far I have 7 squares completed.  My plan is to join them all with lilac (I decided this after having been to the yarn store, so that will require a trip back) and then trim the entire thing with a cream edging.  Hopefully it works!  Thank goodness for youtube tutorials!!  🙂











I seem to be getting the squares together quite quickly now I have got the pattern into my head, so hopefully it won’t be too long before I can photograph the finished piece.

Natural Face Cleaners


My face wash which I bought in like October just came to an end.  I bought it because it was organic.  While most of the ingredients were meant to be organic some weren’t and there were still words in the ingredients list that sounded very much like chemicals.  Not good.  I was thinking of searching for a more natural face wash or getting something from Lush when this appeared in my inbox.  Four natural DIY cleansers. It had me intrigued from the start.  Sounded just like what I needed.    I read on the list included: Natural Yoghurt, Honey, Oil and the use of Grains for more of a scrub.  Well, we had a pot of natural yoghurt in the fridge(we buy one 500ml pot a week)that had just the last bits in the tub and the date for eating it was  up, so I decided I’d try it out.

I must admit it was weird rubbing yoghurt onto my face and smelling dairy in the shower, but my skin does feel quite soft!  I’ve got some honey sat in the cupboard too, so I might give that a try next!  Have you got any natural face cleansers that you use?

Reconnecting With Our Food


When we bought our house complete with large garden, we had always dreamed of growing our own veg and digging out some plots.  The first year we were here, I made a start and then took a teaching post then became very ill, so it came to a standstill. We got some potatoes and nice courgettes and a few chillis, but that was about it.  Then I was pregnant and super ill. Last year, we fenced off a section at the bottom of the garden where we want to grow the veg and that was all that got done.  We really want to get a move on with it this year.  So my husband’s been hard at work, clearing out bushes and trees and digging out the plots. I’ve ordered potato seeds from Rocket Gardens and the rest of our seed from Real Seeds.  So this time there’s no turning back!!  Hopefully, we will have lots of lovely vegetables to eat in a few months time and our daughter will be able to grow up understanding how food grows and the right conditions that it needs to grow before it gets to the point of landing on our plates at the table.  Exciting times ahead!  Have you ever grown your own vegetables?  Any hints and tips for getting started?

More Great Reasons To Shop With Abel & Cole


Apart from all that I mentioned before, the lovely health benefits of eating organic and the amazing quality of what comes in your box, I have found a few more reasons to love Abel & Cole.  Firstly, the amount of fruit and veg you get is amazing.  We get the boxes that are meant for 2-3 people ad we have yet to finish all the veg in a week.  in fact, this week, I am looking in my fridge and at my veg rack thinking where on earth am I going to put all this yummy goodness??  My parents will be coming down this way at the weekend so I migth share a few bananas, tomatoes and oranges with them as there’s no point in hoarding it all and it going to waste.  And my other reason for loving them so much?!  Free stuff….



We all love getting something for nothing, don’t we?!  Since joining up, bearing in mind this is only our third week, we have had the most AMAZING(like you could drink it from the bottle amazing)organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil for joining, 1 litre of organic semi skimmed milk to try, 1 recipe book worth £12.99,and  a little box of organic eggs to try; all free.  Plus, this week they were running a promotions so our veg box and fruit box were also free saving us like £26!!  Simply fabulous!  On top of all that, I have had amazing customer service when I had to contact them and they were so kind and patient with all my newbie questions.  By the way, I am in no way being financed for writing this post because the lovely people at A & C don’t even know I’m writing it, but I just think they are brilliant and the quality of all the products we have purchased so far is spectacular.  Again, if you are in the UK, why not give them a try?  You won’t be disappointed with either the quality of the food or the quality of service.  Let them know that account: 565098 recommended them to you.  Go on, what are you waiting for?!

Gift Giving


Christmas is a wonderful time of year, isn’t it?  All those gifts sat wrapped under the tree awaiting distribution to the receiver; the eager anticipation of what gifts we will get in return.  Hmmmmmm, or maybe it’s a stress trying to get all those gifts bought and trying to make the budget stretch to cover the cost.  Maybe you are lost in a sea of wrapping paper and gift tags willing the whole thing to be over.  Since having my daughter, I have been forced to take a step back and really evaluate my life, the things I do and why I do them.  Christmas has probably seen the biggest revolution so far for us.  But gift giving, this is an area where I’ve felt most challenged and an area that’s caused me to face up to the selfish person I like to pretend doesn’t cohabit this body.  I’ve always given gifts, but the thing is, I have always given gifts to those who are going to be giving to me in return.  Selfish or what?!   Or there’s that other gift giving sin I am guilty of, buying a gift in a price range that I think the other person will also pick mine from.  What is the point?!  We both may as well just keep our money in our bank accounts and spend it on ourselves.  I am not writing this to say gift giving is bad, far from it!!  But, as we set our hearts and minds towards advent, and we started thinking about what we really wanted to teach our daughter from this blessed time of year, we built in something we have never done before………….giving a gift to someone who isn’t going to give us one in return.  Gasp!!!  It’s never happened before, but it’s going to be one of our advent traditions.  It’s not a big thing we’re giving.  In fact, we’ve started of pretty small; the gift is homemade cookies, but the point is not the gift itself, it is in the selfless giving.  We are giving these treats to our neighbours, who we barely know.  I have made the cookies with no expectations in return, just for the sheer joy of giving something freely and out of love.  Where does this stem from?  Well, from both of us looking back at our childhood and seeing how selfish we were.  Christmas is about Jesus’ birthday and yet, we thought the day was all about us and those heaps of presents coming our way.  But we want to teach our daughter, that, yes, it is GREAT to receive, but it is BETTER to give, and in giving to those who are not obliged in any way to return the favour we are sharing a little bit of Jesus with them and also giving a gift to Him as well.  It’s his birthday, afterall, and after coming to earth and giving us the ultimate gift salvation and life eternal asking nothing in return, a plateful of cookies to strangers sharing the same street really is the least we can do.  What about you?  Do you give to people just for the sake of giving and not expecting in return?  Is this something your family has been doing for a while, maybe?  Let me know, and share your inspiration for great gifts to touch hearts at Christmas and throughout the year.  I can’t wait to distribute my gifts this evening when people get home; my gift in return will be the smile on their face.  That alone is gift enough.

A Pill A Day…or 10!


time to become a walking medicine cupboard!

This picture shows all the pills I have to take in a month.  I can feel my mouth and throat clamping tightly shut just looking at them.  So what do I have to take?

Psyllium Husk: once a day to help break up all the nastiness in my gut and to get rid of Candida’s nice little home in there.

Caprylic Acid: twice a day also to kill off bad bacteria and encourage the good bacteria to start multplying again.

Super Dophyilus: twice a day to replenish my body with 8 strains of friendly bacteria.

Multivit & Iron: once a day to ensure I’m getting the right vitamins, minerals etc with the strict diet.

Milk Thistle: once a day to protect the liver against damage from the 79 poisons released by Candida.

Omega 3: once a day to boost my immune system and work as an anti-imflammatory.

Garlic: once a day to slow down the spread of the bad bacteria.  It acts as a natural anti-biotic and helps support the immune system as well.

WOW!  For someone who hates taking pills even once in a while that sure is a lot to swallow.  I keep trying to remind myself that it’s short term pain for long term gain.  Hopefully that helps me get them down, but I think it’s going to be a major daily struggle!